Member (2014 – present) and ex-executive director (2016 – 2017)

Grupo Sofia is a network of women social scientists, whose mission is to promote gender equality in the academic world, in areas such as academic training, progression in professional career and knowledge production, as well as participation in spaces for debate and policy formulation.

Member of the selection committee (2007 – 2019) and the executive board (2015-2019)

United World Colleges is an international movement that uses education as a tool to foster intercultural understanding, peace, and sustainability. Since 1962, UWC provides scholarships for students from around the world, including Peru, to attend one of its 17 schools worldwide. UWC Peru is the organization responsible for managing the yearly selection process and selecting the new scholars who will attend one of the UWCs around the world.

Pazala: Fostering peace through intercultural education

Founder, director and school supervisor (2014 – 2016)

Pazala was awarded a 50,000 USD Peace Project Grant by The Journalists and Writers Foundation (JFW) in Turkey. The project’s goal was to design a methodology that helped Peruvian high school students develop intercultural and critical citizenship skills through the understanding of the importance, causes, events, and actors of the Peruvian Internal Armed Conflict. The project took place in five private and public high schools from three regions in Peru. Ten teachers were trained to teach the contents and perform a series of peace fostering activities with students. The project ended with a student retreat in which students were taught how to design a social project and were asked to implement them in their communities.