My philosophy as an educator is to provide students with the tools and space they need to learn how to learn. Learning how to learn is an emergent, active process that liberates (brown 2017). It is a process that emphasizes critical connections and relationality over individualism and criticism; cultivates care for the body, mind, and spirit rather than productivity; promotes compassion and accountability rather than competition; centers emotions rather than detachment and objectivity; and nourishes action over passive learning.

University of Toronto St. George, Department of Sociology

SOC387 Education and the Criminal Justice System* (Summer 2021)

University of Toronto Scarborough, Department of Sociology

SOCC11H3 Policing and Security* (Summer 2021)

Universidad del Pacífico, Department of Social Sciences (Lima, Peru)

Introduction to Sociology* (Spring 2017, in Spanish)

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Department of Social Sciences (Lima, Peru)

Citizenship and Social Responsibility* (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, in Spanish)

*You’re welcome to use my syllabus to design your classes. Just credit me wherever you think it’s necessary. I appreciate it.